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A Council membership will provide exclusive opportunities to publish articles on Analytics India Magazine on a regular basis, setting you apart as an expert voice within the industry. This will allow you to improve your visibility and help you set a narrative around yourself and your company. 

AIM Leaders Council

Get published on the Analytics India Magazine (AIM) and build trust!

Publishing informative and non-promotional content on a regular basis gives you more credibility as an industry expert, leading to more business opportunities.  Members of the Council will get to publish 12 articles in a year, one each month.

Find A Place On Speaker Lists And Juries

Gain Visibility by being part of AIM Events & Awards

Part of being recognised as an expert is being invited to industry events as speakers or judges. Find yourselves on the speaker lists and juries of AIM conferences and awards.

Members of the Leadership Council will be given priority and reached out first as and when the schedule for AIM conferences and awards for the year are decided.

Don’t miss out on your key drivers

Provide Expert Opinions on the most pressing issues in today's AI development

AIM publishes hundreds of articles in a month on a variety of topics in Machine Learning and Data Science. Experts are reached out for their comments on a daily basis to bolster our content.

AIM content is read by millions of readers around the world every month.
As a council member, you will be the first we will reach out for our editorial needs.

Questions can be answered in three to five sentences.
AIM also hosts several expert panels or roundtables throughout the year. Council members will be given a priority for these discussions.

Create your own brand!

Wear Your Membership With Pride

A member of the Council will be a senior executive in the Data Science industry with vast experience and impeccable leadership history. Being a member of the Council indicates that you are a pioneer of the industry making significant strides in terms of innovation and growth in India’s AI industry.

AIM will provide members with Council badges that can be used in email signatures, social media profiles, and websites. Wear the badges with pride!

AIM Leaders Council

Check if you are eligible for membership?

Membership in the AIM Leadership Council is by invitation-only. Candidates interested in joining must meet certain criteria.